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(sports) the middle part of a playing field (as in football or lacrosse)

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One such event, "L'Oeuvre du Vingtieme Siecle," staged by the CCF in 1952 in Paris and underwritten by an Agency front called the Farfield Foundation, presented literary symposia and modern art--including works by Kandinsky, Matisse, and Cezanne--drawn from US collections, as well as symphonies, chamber pieces, opera, and ballet by more than sixty twentieth-century US and European composers.
July 2, 1992) (holding jurisdiction proper because defendant knew article would "effect" resident); Farfield Co.
The SBA scheduled the Centers, located in Farfield County, to assist homeowners, renters, businesses and most private non-profit organizations affected by the severe storm and tornado that occurred on June 24, 2010.
Stewart McKean, 47, of Farfield Road, Almondbury, pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour on April 8.
The firm has relocated to Gala Tent s premises at Farfield Park, Manvers.
Another phase of this research began in 2012 with the Farfield Investigation of No Boom Threshold, or FaINT.
summation] is the farfield enclosed surface that contains the whole fan (usually sphere surface is adopted for convenience).
As it can be seen, there is good agreement between analytical and numerical simulation in the farfield region.
It is home to Durham University technology spinouts and several of the North East's most advanced technology companies, including Farfield Photonics and Durham Scientific Crystals.
Lab Automation Europe exhibitors included CEM, Farfield Sensors, Hamilton Life Science Robotics, Personal Chemistry and Qiagen.
In summer, the intention of the club is to revisit the Derbent and Cambank, and also to locate and dive the wrecks of the Roanoke, an American provisions ship lost in 1945, the Farfield, bombed and sunk by German aircraft in 1941 and the Apapa, sunk by U96 in World War I, and reputed to have been carrying a cargo including silver coins.
9, 10] studied the mechanism of ultrasonic welding for near and farfield ultrasonic welding.
Understanding the source of the noise itself, its manifestation in the nearfield and propagation to the farfield are all critical in the development of future noise reduction technologies.
Redhouse Investments, industrial unit, Farfield |Street, Cleckheaton.
The NETPark Incubator is already home to some of the North-East's most advanced technology companies, including Durham Scientific Crystals, Farfield Photonics and i2B.