Last Supper

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the traditional Passover supper of Jesus with his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion

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Aubert (Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia) argues that understanding the motif against its Greco-Roman background is key for grasping the unity, structure, and thrust of the farewell discourse of Acts 20 and for relating it properly to other prominent themes in Luke-Acts.
Following the ascension of Jesus, John takes us back to Jesus' farewell discourse, in which we find the key to understanding God's relationship to us through Jesus, and our relationship to the world through them both.
The long farewell discourse of the Fourth Gospel has been reduced to seven short sentences.
argues that the first farewell discourse is a rewriting (reecriture) of 8:12-59.
Jesus himself talks about it frankly in the section of John that is widely known as the Farewell Discourse.
The farewell discourse takes place in John's Gospel following Jesus' acts of love in washing the feet of his disciples and eating a last meal with his followers, even feeding Judas, who has just left to betray him.