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the capacitance of a capacitor that has an equal and opposite charge of 1 coulomb on each plate and a voltage difference of 1 volt between the plates

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Then their charge polarity and charge density were measured with a Faraday cage.
Inside the main building, hospitable astronomers took everybody down to their Faraday cage.
Then the Professor seriously examines the feasibility of erecting a Faraday Cage around every exam room in the country to render such technology inactive' although, of course, she is much exercised by the question of what human rights issues this measure would raise and she agonises over how a teacher, invigilating an exam, might summon assistance in the event of an emergency, without a mobile phone.
Technologically, it would be relatively straightforward to stop mobile phones working, Professor Underwood said: "You put a Faraday Cage around the exam room.
Thinking at first that they would get a volunteer from the audience to stand in the Faraday cage, officials from Westminster Council told them: "Don't even think about it.
Remember that the measured cell currents will be low, so a Faraday Cage should always be used.
Just as the sinuous copper cladding of the Signal Box 4 Auf dem Wolf in Basle also acts as a Faraday cage to protect the electronic equipment inside, so the skin of Dominus is both handsome and functional.
OTCBB/OTCQB: SEFE) (the "Company"), a sustainability company engaged in offering innovative, pioneering solutions for the world's energy needs, today announces the construction of a 12' x 12' x 24' Faraday cage test facility at its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.
Contract notice: Purchase of an mri scanner including a faraday cage.
During the program's design phase, a team of engineers created a new modular Faraday cage that protects electronic systems in flight.
The slip cover is based on the technology behind the electric field-blocking Faraday cage, which protects electrical equipment from lightning strikes.
mobile phones working, Prof Underwood said: "You put a Faraday Cage around the exam room.
The reinforcement in the concrete spine was welded together to make it act as a Faraday cage, preventing contamination of small signals by stray electric fields.
As this non-conductive material is RF transparent, aerospace and motor sports customers concerned about faraday cage effects have embraced this material.
The assignment included the full finished Faraday cage, calculated on an NMR apparatus of 3 Tesla.