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the English physicist and chemist who discovered electromagnetic induction (1791-1867)

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In the paper, Chen predicts a new effect that can be used to detect the gravitational Faraday effect.
Principal of Nunthorpe Academy Lee Brown said: "The Faraday Challenge Day was a fantastic event which our students thoroughly enjoyed.
But nobody in England understood what Faraday was talking about until James Clerk Maxwell came along.
The correspondence shows that Faraday was a man of strong emotions controlled by equally strong self-discipline.
Professor Cathy Barnes, Faraday Centre for Retail Excellence, said: "We are delighted to announce this partnership with the IoPP.
It was also heard how a clock, recently been brought by Mrs Faraday, had caused numerous arguments between the couple.
Although the old professor's enthusiastic tone and early 20th century lecturing style at times felt alienating, at other times the audience felt they were treated to one of the lectures that Faraday himself used to give.
The 89,000-square-foot building will be at 10 Faraday St.
There are some adult situations with the love triangle between Axis, Faraday and Ahzure, but no detailed sex scenes.
Concluding his lectures, On the Chemical History of a Candle, Michael Faraday expressed the wish 'that you may in your generation, be fit to compare to a candle; that you may, like it, shine as lights to those about you; that, in all your actions you may justify the beauty of the taper by making your deeds honourable and effectual in the discharge of your duty to yo ur fellow man'.
Mr Faraday had opened an estate agent's office at Island Place in the early 1980s and rented out the upstairs office accommodation.
It has won an order with Dairy Crest dairies, to supply 800 delivery vehicles on a contract hire basis, some of which will be Faraday models.
Now that Shin-Etsu has achieved a mass-production technology for Faraday rotators that are lead-free, it will implement the total elimination of lead from optical isolators.
Faraday Technology Corporation is a leading silicon IP and fabless ASIC vendor.
THE Faraday Lecture returns to Birmingham to help bring science and technology to life on Monday, March 19.