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radical or extremely liberal

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Together with the far-left Communists and Left Bloc, Costa two weeks ago toppled the minority centre-right coalition that had returned to power after winning most votes in an election on Oct 4 but losing its overall majority.
With Greece as an example, far-left policies don't work, and as pointed out in another letter on the same day, other countries have found this out to their cost.
The post Greek far-left leader gives up coalition bid, election near appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Rome: A former Italian far-left militant from the Red Brigades group who took part in the kidnapping and assassination of former prime minister Aldo Moro in 1978 was found dead at his home on Monday, ANSA news agency reported citing the police.
Venezuelan Carlos was a freelance "gun for hire" for far-left and Palestinian terror groups in the 70s and 80s.
Senate Republicans should attempt to filibuster, not because they will succeed in blocking whomever Obama nominates--they won't--but because it will give Republicans a chance to seize the bully pulpit from Obama, albeit if only for a short while They should make the case that Obama's far-left Supreme Court nominee is just one part of the Obama agenda to make America a far-left country.
Far-left Syriza party Greek stocks closed down almost four per cent -- having lost a massive 11 per cent earlier -- amid fears that the front-running far-left Syriza party could roll back tough austerity measures if it wins the election.
Greek police have said a far-left group was likely responsible for Friday's attack, which saw the building sprayed with gunfire but no one hurt.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called on his divided Syriza party to ballot its members on whether Greece had any alternative to accepting a tough bailout, setting up a showdown with far-left rebels threatening to split the party.
The topic has become a hot-button issue between Fox and his two opponents, front-runner Francisco Labastida of the ruling Institutional Revolution Party (PRI), and far-left candidate Cuauhtemoc Cardenas of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), who will face off in the July 2 Mexican elections.
Summary: Seoul:A far-left candidate polling at around one percent in South Korea's presidential candidate stole the .
Fleming said one potential solution could be using the far-left lane as a joint car-pool/bus and toll lane.
Is Los Angeles ready for a radical far-left, socialist mayor?
In a vicious primary campaign, Angelides derided Westly for his occasional lapses in partisanship and his failure to uphold the far-left ideological orthodoxy.
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