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Synonyms for ultraviolet

having or employing wavelengths shorter than light but longer than X-rays

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His team examined 60 clouds at far-ultraviolet wavelengths, which for the first time, revealed the clouds' hot, outer edges.
Last year astronomers imaged Mira's far-ultraviolet "smoke trail," 2[degrees] long, that it has left behind in its last 30,000 years of travel through the interstellar medium (S&T December 2007, page 20).
Unlike the terrestrial light show, Saturn's lies in the far-ultraviolet, a set of wavelengths absorbed by Earth's atmosphere.
The far-ultraviolet spectrograph and the spacecraft itself are otherwise in good working order.
Hubble can zero in on selected regions of a galaxy, imaging them at longer ultraviolet wavelengths, but at considerably higher resolution, than the UIT can at far-ultraviolet wavelengths.
The tail wasn't discovered before now because it emits only far-ultraviolet light.
Clusters of hot, young stars flaunt their brilliance in the first far-ultraviolet photograph ever taken of the spiral galaxy M101 (top).
The star's far-ultraviolet emissions have also plummeted.
The spectrograph recorded far-ultraviolet emissions from atomic oxygen in Europa's atmosphere.