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extremely conservative

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And Sarkozy -- whose hopes for a landslide win because of the weakness of the Socialists were dashed by the rise of the far right -- could see his presidential ambitions for 2017 take a hit if the FN scores big wins Sunday.
Labour Coun David Stockdale helped organise the oposition march to the far right |
Should my prediction prove to be correct, it would be the cause of far right governments being elected in parts of Europe, notably Germany, Holland, Sweden and maybe eventually here in the UK Remember, dear readers, you heard it here first.
Such a cooperation between the European far right and Russia dates back many years, and is built upon the policy of "eastern opening," which emphasizes the economic interests of Europe; an ideological admiration for Russia's conservative, nationalist, and strong-hand policies; pushing Russia's agenda on international forums; and Russian President Vladimir Putin's new foreign policy of Eurasianism as a geopolitical framework.
This provides fertile ground for the far right to flourish.
Being critical of a political construct is very different from being "scared" of a whole continent or being on the far right of the political spectrum.
The report, titled "Pedlars of Hate: the violent impact of the European far Right," brings together over 100 cases, mostly from EU countries, but also Switzerland and Norway, which document patterns of violence, from the peddling of hate online and the drawing up of lists of "national traitors," to violence, arson and murder on the streets, and the stockpiling of weapons in preparation for a "race war.
PLAY DAY: Samuel Roe, right, has his hands full and Madeleine Haraghty, far right, sketches on screen
Sarkozy is active trying to win the six million French voters who cast their votes for the far right leader Marine Le Pen in the first round.
Research by the British think tank Demos examined attitudes among supporters of the far right online.
Summary: Detectives investigating Norway's bomb attack and mass shooting are believed to be probing the suspect's possible links to the British far right.
The far right has made substantial gains in Norway in recent years.
Anti-fascists are also planning to hold a national demonstration to allow the British public to express its opposition to the far right.
On the far left is 'Knocker' West, the headmaster and on the far right is 'Pop' Pardbury, the mechanics teacher and head of Wilson House.
But, for many voters this time, there is a huge concern that an extreme far right party could win power in Britain.