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a popular expression for the countries of eastern Asia (usually including China and Mongolia and Taiwan and Japan and Korea and Indochina and eastern Siberia)

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Far Eastern Air Transport is an international airline established in 1957 with domestic and international services to Cambodia, China, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia.
Operators of the Regional VTS of the Peter the Great Bay, mainly gave the navigation aid to MSC OSCAR on the approaches to the marine terminal and in its waters, whereas the pilots of the Far Eastern Basin Branch rendered pilotage and assisted to moor the vessel at a roads station.
The Far Eastern superpower accounted for PS969 million worth of exports in the second quarter of the year, 14.
In 2011, three other leading universities in the region were merged with Far Eastern Federal University: Far Eastern National Technical University, Pacific State University of Economics and Ussuriisk State Pedagogical Institute.
Thanks to the know-how of our employees, some of whom have worked for Freudenberg Far Eastern Spunweb for over 20 years, we have managed to grow from a company with 20 employees in 1988 to market leader of an entire branch," says CEO Lin Gow Ming, who has been with the company since the start.
No doubt all very true, but the Far Eastern manufacturers do not regard such methods as anything but good when practised by themselves.
This is the third time in a month this far eastern port has received foreign fleets, after South Korean and the US vessels' earlier visits.
Jih Sun raised the number of DBUs to 43 in the first half and Far Eastern expects the number of DBUs to grow to 30 with approval to add five more DBUs.
All in all, 1,974 woodland fires covering a total area of about 427,000 hectares have been fixed in the Far Eastern Federal District this year.
Far Eastern Phoenix had already submitted a report on the financial and technical aspects of the investment as per the Communication ministry's request.
in Russia's Far Eastern city of Vladivostok in a joint venture with Russian automaker Sollers, sources familiar with the matter said Thursday.
ADANA, Jan 5, 2011 (TUR) -- Hit hard by the global economic downturn and ferocious competition from the Far Eastern manufacturers, Turkey's textile and clothing industry is making its long-expected recovery, head of union of Turkish textiles exporters has said.
Thirteen years ago, the Bishop White Committee's Friends of the Far East Endowment Fund provided the means to create a permanent position for a Far Eastern curator.
A GROUND-BREAKING education project at Liverpool's School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) will create an archive of oral histories from surviving Far Eastern prisoners of war.
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