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a popular expression for the countries of eastern Asia (usually including China and Mongolia and Taiwan and Japan and Korea and Indochina and eastern Siberia)

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Besides joining Russia s Far East, Aurora is expected to increase connections with neighbouring Asian countries.
The notes provide that Far East will, under any future credit facility, such as a reserves-based lending facility, first use the funds drawn thereunder to repay any obligations that remain outstanding under the SCB credit facility and then to redeem the notes.
Investment in the Far East should be considered as a project for the long term.
Through the support of ROM Friends of the Far East, we are able to continuously improve the Museum's Asian section and provide discovery and learning for those with a passion for the Far East.
If the Chinese authorities ultimately approve an Overall Development Plan for development of all, or a portion of, the block, Arrow will pay Far East a bonus of $8 million.
Aeroflot involved are Dalavia Far East Airways and SAT Airlines, according to an Aeroflot statement cited by Reuters, which said the move is part of the government's effort to transfer all state-owned airline stakes to Aeroflot.
Looking at China's incredible growth over the past 10 years, it is obvious that our economic future is tied directly to China and the Far East.
Xinhua Far East China Ratings (Xinhua Far East) is a strategic alliance between Xinhua Financial Network, a Xinhua Finance subsidiary, and Shanghai Far East Credit Rating Co Ltd.
From only pounds 999 you can travel to the Far East from Newcastle, via Amsterdam, have three nights in Bangkok, three nights in Hong Kong, three nights in Singapore and two nights in Cha-Am.
Army headquarters in Japan, even if the unit were expected to covers areas outside the Far East.
This is the moment that we have been waiting for," said Mike McElwrath, chairman and CEO of Far East Energy.
It's a trip which will prove beneficial to United both from a playing and a commercial point of view, with the Far East now well established as one of the most lucrative markets in the world.
Japan and the Russian Far East, which have a long history of exchanges, are mutually complementary even in economic terms, and the potential for cooperation is extremely large,'' Koizumi said.
Serologic studies suggest that numerous hantaviruses are present in humans and rodents in the far east of Asian Russia (4-5).