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Synonyms for fantasy

Synonyms for fantasy

the power of the mind to form images

any fictitious idea accepted as part of an ideology by an uncritical group; a received idea

a fantastic, impracticable plan or desire

Synonyms for fantasy

fiction with a large amount of imagination in it


something many people believe that is false

indulge in fantasies

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Since his year living inside somebody else's lost dreams he's published several books in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, garnering a host of awards.
Salvatore and in keeping with the fantasy genre has intense, fast action battles against numerous enemies which demand the use of devastating combination attacks.
I have also shown that the fantasy genre capably highlights the difficult relationship between nature and culture: and here, then, is a space wherein an instructor might build upon the warrants noted above to consider bringing a genre-studies focus to the trilogy.
Renewed interest in the fantasy genre sparked by the film adaptations of JRR Tolkien's epic helped pre-tax profits at the table-top war-game maker rise 11pc from pounds 13.
Maybe I don't get it because I'm not a big fan of the fantasy genre or three-hour-long movies.
In a broader sense, The Lord of the Rings informs the entire contemporary fantasy genre, which would scarcely exist without it.
We are thrilled to be developing an open-world RPG under the leadership of one of the greatest RPG designers in the industry, with creative direction by one of the most iconic artists of our time, set in a rich universe imagined by one of the top fantasy genre authors in the world.
Coming from an artistic background, Papas has always been interested in Greek mythology and the fantasy genre.
Written in the fantasy genre, the story follows two different story lines, one set in ancient Greece and one in present day.
Krystal Lawrence has proven herself a master of the vampire fantasy genre and her ability to deftly craft a novel of so many unexpected plot twists and surprising turns is truly exceptional.
It is refreshing to find a book in the young adult fantasy genre, much less its Hollywood adaptation, which deals with mature content in a sobering manner.
Cassie Scot is an enjoyable and unique take to the contemporary fantasy genre.
But he has access to what I didn't: an amazing abundance of reading choices in the fantasy genre, all targeted right at his age group.
This two-volume set catalogs and compiles information about early feature films of the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genre.
Thanks to successful writers such as Tamora Pierce, Kristin Cashore and Robin McKinley, the fantasy genre has never dissipated, despite being swamped by vampires, angels, fairies and apocalypses.