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a monster that is unverifiable but popularly accepted as possibly factual

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Think about your fantasy creature, using the parts of different animals.
Over the years, I have introduced my students to a variety of media from which fantasy creatures could be made.
A BIRMINGHAM artist has set up shop making fantasy creatures to order and now counts city cinemas, media companies and castles among his clients.
Eiry Rees Thomas from Cyncoed dreamt up fantasy creatures The Flitlits /Y Sbridion after a debilitating back injury cut short hS er career working at a Llanrumney clinic.
It will delve into the world of witches, wizards, fairies, elves, dragons, fantasy creatures, magicians and illusionists.
Children will love the fantasy creatures and illustrations.
Director Zack Snyder appears to have lost the plot in this tale of teenage action vixens battling fantasy creatures.
This was a reference to the story's protagonist, Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who lives in the land of Middle-earth with wizards, elves and other fantasy creatures.
And Days of Wonder's "Small World," a game of conquest set on a continent crowded with dwarves, orcs and other fantasy creatures, is a delight.
The principles of in silico modeling are similar to those used to generate the fantasy creatures of other worlds in movies, such as "Lord of the Rings" and the "Star Trek" series.
Four to 12-year-olds have been letting their imaginations run wild with mythical map making, designing fantasy creatures, having a go at a bit of hocus pocus and getting their hands dirty at the green balloon club
Both Willy and Harry are required to work out the exact nature of the main task of the contest which they both achieve in a bathroom assisted by clues from helpers, in order to discover how to rescue human hostages imprisoned by a community of half-human, half-animal fantasy creatures, "the merpeople" in Harry Potter.
Duel against friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in addictive card battles featuring popular FINAL FANTASY creatures in a unique 3D pop-up book style
The family have moved to the former home of their great-great uncle Arthur Spiderwick who wrote a book which detailed the amazing, fantasy creatures which lived in the vicinity of his home," explains Freddie.
HELL BEASTS: HOW TO DRAW GROTESQUE FANTASY CREATURES is for any would-be comic or graphic novel artist: it tells how to create and draw monsters, how to make selected monsters even creepier, and how to draw upon imagination to create new monsters.