Fanny Adams

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There will be no such problems tonight when Sweet will perform most of 1974's Sweet Fanny Adams, as well as their singles, in a two-hour show.
According to our sources here on the Your Questions Answered desk, Fanny Adams was indeed a real person.
The initials, incidentally, far from standing for Football Intelligence of sweet Fanny Adams, actually stand for Fdration Internationale de Football Association.
Here's his very own guide to doing Christmas on Sweet Fanny Adams
Frankly, the popularity of the Derby has sweet Fanny Adams to do with who covers the race on the box, as both channels do an excellent job with it.
That might be just about acceptable if it did anything for the law-abiding public, never mind the inmates But as the latest report from Dame Elish Angiolini shows, prison does sweet Fanny Adams to combat the women's destructive, as well as criminal, behaviour.
Nick Clegg, who knows sweet Fanny Adams about life in the old lane, thinks passholders are white-haired millionaires.