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Synonyms for fare

Synonyms for fare

to progress or perform adequately, especially in difficult circumstances

to move along a particular course

to take (food) into the body as nourishment

Synonyms for fare

an agenda of things to do


the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance

a paying (taxi) passenger

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the food and drink that are regularly served or consumed

proceed or get along

eat well

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Fanno parte di questa categoria anche i film antimafia e il tutto con la benedizione di Francesco Rosi.
29) Specifically, she was required to dedicate the portion of her property lying within the 100-year floodplain for improvement of a storm drainage system along Fanno Creek and an additional fifteen foot strip of land adjacent to the floodplain for the pedestrian/bicycle path.
Partners: City of Tigard, Fans of Fanno, and Cascade Education Corps.
There is no doubt that the City of Tigard had a master plan and that this master plan provided for a greenway and bike path along Fanno Creek.
Partners: City of Tigard, property owners, Fans of Fanno Creek, Trust for Public Land, Metro.
ma se questi professori [di business] sono cosi bravi a insegnare a fare soldi perche non lo fanno loro stessi immergendosi nei mercati e lanciandosi in attivita imprenditoriali e si accontentano invece di un misero stipendio universitario?
O fanno fe awn tua'r gogledd ac i Loch Ness i olrhain hanes Sant Columba," meddai Ifor.
Ond ro'n i angen bod yn y Fedwen Lyfrau yn y Bala yn gynta, a fanno fues i, yn gwrando ar bobl amrywiol yn siarad yn ddifyr a ffraeth am lyfrau - a bob dim dan haul a deud y gwir.
Negli ultimi capitoli si chiariscono efficacemente i rapporti fra cultura e potere politico che fanno da sfondo all'impegno del poeta romagnolo: e esemplare, in questo senso, la vicenda della realizzazione della grande impresa editoriale dei "Classici italiani" (1802-12) alla cui guida--nota con ironia l'Autore--vi erano non quei nuovi Torquati o Deci che Giovanni Fantoni in una sua "epistola" a Napoleone mutuava dal mito della romanita agricola e guerriera, ma personalita come il banchiere Giovanni Angelo Borsa (152).
Other campaign sites include Cascade Head north of Lincoln City, Fanno Meadows in the Coast Range west of Salem, Kingston Prairie above the North Santiam River and the Rogue River Plains in Southern Oregon.
SAN DIEGO -- Fanno Charter Academy and KIPP Adelante, two high-quality public charter schools in San Diego County that both serve an almost entirely under-served student population, announced this week that they are taking the San Diego Unified School District to court over the District's failure to provide their students with classrooms as required by law.
Dros y blynyddoedd, mi fues i ar gyrsiau o bob math yno, a fanno y ganwyd llyfrau Blodwen Jones, fy ngwerthwyr gorau i.
4 mile (32 acre) reach of Fanno Creek between Durham Rd and Bonita Rd.
Mi hoffwn ei weld yn cael hedfan uwchben Syria i weld y dinistr yn fanno a bod yn dyst i''r bomio o''r awyr sydd yn digwydd gan gofio ei agwedd negyddol at geisio ymyrryd yn y gyflafan.