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a Bantu language spoken in Cameroon

an appendage of insects that is capable of injecting venom

canine tooth of a carnivorous animal

hollow or grooved tooth of a venomous snake

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Fang sat silent for some minutes, and then, turning round to the prosecutor, said in a towering passion.
I knew he was shamming,' said Fang, as if this were incontestable proof of the fact.
Fang was consequently not a little indignant to see an unbidden guest enter in such irreverent disorder.
He now thought only of tearing to ribbons with his powerful talons the flesh of his antagonist, of burying his long, yellow fangs in the soft, smooth hide of the ape-man, but Tarzan had fought before with clawed creatures of the jungle.
Did he long to see Sheeta's great fangs sink into the soft throat of the ape-man?
His long fighting fangs buried themselves in the white throat.
And with Taug's example before them the other bulls charged, burying Sheeta beneath rending fangs and filling all the forest with the wild din of their battle cries.
He turned and saw her with the balu hugged close to her hairy breast, and put out his hands to take the little one, expecting that Teeka would bare her fangs and spring upon him; but instead she placed the balu in his arms, and coming nearer, licked his frightful wounds.
In exchange of the subscription shares, the company has agreed to transfer through the Fang subsidiaries to Wanli the entire equity interests in five wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Fang subsidiaries that operate as the company's service platforms for online media business, Internet financial services, and big data business.
China is developing at a very fast pace, and I am sure many people would like to learn the country's language," says Fang.
The launch of Fang Dubai will allow local developers and real estate agencies the perfect platform to advertise their attractive listings to Chinese buyers without language barrier.
This improvement, according to author Xiaoping Fang, is attributed to the "barefoot doctor (chijiao yisheng) program"--a radical system of health-care delivery for the rural masses officially endorsed in 1968.
Allowed to leave China a year later, Fang settled at the University of Arizona and studied the early universe, galaxy clusters, and the interstellar medium.
In the new role, Li will oversee all of JPMorgan's businesses in China, including the investment banking division that Fang led.
The FANG program will test specially developed META design tools, model libraries and the VehicleFORGE collaboration platform, which were created to significantly compress the design-to-production time of a complex defense system.