Fanconi's anemia

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Clastogenicity of cyclophosphamide in Fanconi's anemia lymphocytes without exogenous metabolic activation.
In October 2000, the team created baby boy Adam Nash, who was genetically selected to provide an umbilical cord blood transplant for his older sister Molly, who suffered from Fanconi's anemia.
In children with hematopoietic disorders, long-term results of cord blood transplants are available for those with Fanconi's anemia, including some who are 8 years post transplant.
Constitutive elevation of [alpha]-foetoprotein in Fanconi's anemia.
The recipient of the transplant was 6-year-old Matthew Farrow, who suffered from Fanconi's anemia, a genetic blood disease that usually kills its victims by the age of 12.
Myles and Sancar's comprehensive 1989 review on DNA Repair pre-dates the recent breakthroughs in cloning the human genes for Fanconi's anemia and several of the xeroderma pigmentosum complementation groups (reviewed by Barnes, Nature 359: 12-13, 1992).
The 5-year-old boy suffered from Fanconi's anemia, an inherited aplastic anemia that depleted his marrow.
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