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Akaike's Information Criterion scores (AIC), difference values (AAIC), and the P-value (P) for confirmed day roosts of western yellow bats (Lasiurus xanthinus) in desert fan palm (Washingtonia filifera) oases in the California portion of the Colorado Desert.
Bats were removed with insect nets from Washington fan palms.
Clusters of lofty Mexican fan palms, pepper trees and small native trees line the fairways.
streets for the 1932 Olympics, Mexican fan palms are the city's most visible symbols of the sun-and-surf good life.
Here, we examined records of amphibians and reptiles from seven oases of blue fan palms (Erythea armata) across the Californian-Sonoran ecological transition, from a fairly predictable winter rainfall regime (Californian) to a region of unpredictable timing of precipitation (Sonoran).
In the manner of pygmy palms, Mediterranean fan palms have multiple trunks yet their fronds are not feathery but stiff, resembling the fronds of the California and Mexican fan palms (Washingtonia species).
While these multicane fan palms are often planted in pots for ornamental uses, they grow well outdoors, in clusters that make convenient privacy walls.
Developed in partnership between Lennar Communities and The Empire Companies, the par 72 course was designed to reflect wide fairways that accent its dramatic 7,173 yard layout and are framed by clusters of towering Mexican fan palms, pepper trees and small native trees.
The council also agreed that fan palms should not be used because the trees produce large amounts of fronds that fall onto city streets.
After passing a large home said to be owned by Barbra Streisand--Doctor Doug used to be a real estate broker and maintains an interest in celebrity housing--we come to Thousand Palms Oasis, a preserve that holds California's largest grove of native fan palms.
Inspired by the classic golf resorts of the early 1900s, the par 72 course at Escena Palm Springs includes wide fairways accented by clusters of towering Mexican fan palms, pepper trees and small native trees.
Mexican fan palms, the tall skinny models were fairly inexpensive and were often used to mark long avenues, such as Sherman Way and Van Nuys Boulevard.
The park encompasses 800,000 acres of prime high-desert terrain, from craggy 5,000-foot mountains to secluded canyons lined by native California fan palms that are hundreds of years old.
LAX officials expected the 92 Mexican fan palms would spruce up a grungy stretch of land just outside the airfield's chain-link fence.