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Synonyms for ham

meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked)

(Old Testament) son of Noah

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a licensed amateur radio operator

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an unskilled actor who overacts

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The book features the park during the First World War, including its famous ham and egg teas.
Ready-to-eat, they come with Cook's famous Ham Glaze and Dipping Sauce, and feature an easy, peel-off label that contains complete, easy-to-read instructions.
The boys were also schooled in the art of making Parma's famous ham - even if they found the process a bit whiffy.
Like the food hall of 40 years ago, World of Food will provide store cupboard basics (more than 3,000 grocery items alone) and the highest quality fish, meat (that famous ham on the bone is back), fresh fruit and vegetables, and cheese.