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an incident that attracts great public attention

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Recorder David Hodson, who has been at the centre of many of the North East's most famous cases, is to stand down in December.
The stories range from dress codes to children suing parents, parents suing abusive schoolmasters, and more famous cases, such as the highly publicized Rose Tattoo case.
PLAID ARSON WAS A FAMOUS CASE ONE of the most famous cases at Pwllheli court was in 1936 when Plaid Cymru founders Saunders Lewis, D J Williams and Lewis Valentine appeared following their arson attack against the Government's decision to site an RAF bombing school at Penyberth.
Dr Crippen, the Brides in the Bath case, the Mahon case, the Blazing car murder - these famous cases are just a few where Spilsbury's work provided vital and conclusive evidence.
They've had a lot of famous cases here,'' said Vella, who handed a $30,000 check to the coroner's office Monday.
Then the Guildford Four walked free from the court of appeal and other famous cases revealing miscarriages of justice followed.
The one-day event will the exhibition and a series of seminars by guest speakers including the barrister Michael Mansfield who has worked on some of the country's most famous cases, representing the Bloody Sunday families and Mohamed al-Fayed in the inquest into the deaths of his son Dodi al-Fayed and Diana, Princess of Wales.
He includes discussion of changes in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, restorative justice, and famous cases.
Some 20 or 25 years ago, a famous attorney wrote a book about his most famous cases.
Robinson-Patman's pernicious effect on competition - and its boon to small firms - is illustrated by one of the most famous cases brought under the act, Utah Pie v.
Other famous cases to have been heard at the court include John Lennon's trial in 1970 for obscenity over a series of explicit lithographs he had produced depicting his honeymoon with Yoko.
Rusedski's QC is David Pannick, a specialist in civil liberties and human rights who has been involved in some famous cases.
He is played by David Suchet, who acts out scenes from some of Carman's famous cases ?
There's been other famous cases against the likes of West Ham, Liverpool and Spanish outfit Deportivo La Coruna.