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a corporation that is entirely owned by the members of a single family

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The family-owned enterprise, which was founded by Kazi Shahid Ahmed, fused the old, tea-producing traditions with the new and created a process that although unexplored, was nonetheless beneficial for both the company and the community.
As a family-owned enterprise, our flexibility means that supermarket operators can first experiment by trying out small runs of new recipes with us before committing to larger volume orders.
Freezees is a family-owned enterprise based in Arizona, but never fear because with this quality product, it's sure to grow fast
That's what Vista offers its clients: the first-class treatment of a large real estate firm -- along with the friendly, personalized attention of an Alaskan, family-owned enterprise.
Threshold, a family-owned enterprise with approximately 50 family clients, four offices in the U.
The Charmer Sunbelt Group is one of the nation's leading distributors of fine wines & spirits, and is a family-owned enterprise.
TIVISKI is a family-owned enterprise whose shareholders include the CEO Mr.
her late husband's family-owned enterprise, and raising kids and teaching them the ropes of the business after Jim Hoover died in 1997.
Since its 1984 founding in Boulder by Phil Becker, eSoft has grown from a family-owned enterprise selling bulletin board server systems, to a publicly traded corporation (NASDAQ: ESFT).
a family-owned enterprise engaged in farming, real estate and hunting lease operations.
The family-owned enterprise has five stores selling watches, electronic items and other consumer goods in Bur Dubai.
Alexander Lari, principal of the Claremont Group, a family-owned enterprise that has developed office buildings, high-rise condominiums residential homes, a hotel, and other Federal buildings across the New York metropolitan region for more than 20 years.
Few milestones in the life of a thriving family-owned enterprise are more important--and more challenging--than the development and preparation of new executive leadership.
Having strong bonds to the communities in which their stores reside has been a priority for this family-owned enterprise for over 50 years, and they plan to continue that initiative in Philadelphia.
Benton Brandon, president of the family-owned enterprise, said that's not true.