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Synonyms for family

Synonyms for family

a group of usually related people living together as a unit


a group of people sharing common ancestry

one's relatives collectively

one's ancestors or their character or one's ancestral derivation

of or relating to the family or household

Synonyms for family

a person having kinship with another or others

a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities

an association of people who share common beliefs or activities


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The prevalence of myopia was found highest in family size group 6-9 and lowest in family size group 5.
Family size had OR of one with insignificant confidence interval (CI=0.
Conclusion: The results emphasise the importance of education of couples, especially in the densely packed lower-middle socioeconomic groups, as data showed that better educated participants had a smaller family size.
The next generation genotypes and their body weights can be achieved using equaled family size conservation with a finite population size and family size.
Several economists argue that the relationship between birth order and career choice is better explained by family size and the allocation of limited resources (Kessler 1991; Becker and Lewis 1974).
A [chi square]-test was used to compare the family size with different demographic and socioeconomic categories.
He also can qualify as Tara's dependent, for alternative family size purposes, because he's a stepchild who lived with her for more than half of 2014.
The guiding principle in achieving this objective is to emphasize the voluntary acceptance of family planning methods, in accordance with fundamental human rights, that all couples and individuals should decide freely and responsibly on the timing, number and spacing of their children to a manageable family size (1).
In India, where women marry and start childbearing early, many have had 2-3 children-the current family size norm-by their early 20s.
London, August 29 ( ANI ): Researchers have taken a step closer to solving one of life's mysteries - why family size generally falls as societies become richer.
According to her, it took over 150 years for the family size in France to 'stabilize.
This study assessed the potential role of family planning services and media messages in changing fertility preferences by measuring desired family size amongst women aged 20-35 years in four pairs of countries that have data over five successive DHS surveys.
Using only chickens that were raised humanely and never administered antibiotics, Applegate Natural Family Size Chicken Nug-gets contain only 180 calories, 9 grams of fat and 210 mg of sodium per serving.
This study explores whether morphological representations such as morphological family size are involved in the syllable frequency effect.
2) The resulting negative relationship between family size and child outcomes is termed a "quality-quantity trade-off.