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Synonyms for family

Synonyms for family

a group of usually related people living together as a unit


a group of people sharing common ancestry

one's relatives collectively

one's ancestors or their character or one's ancestral derivation

of or relating to the family or household

Synonyms for family

a person having kinship with another or others

a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities

an association of people who share common beliefs or activities


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Even if all unmet need could be met, fertility would remain well above replacement because the desired family size is almost five children.
The ideal family size is higher in the PLM survey and slightly increases with women's age.
For example, among women who wanted a pregnancy soon, nearly two-thirds (64%) of those who had not attained their ideal family size reported at the next survey that they wanted a pregnancy within two years, compared with only 39% of those who had attained their ideal family size.
According to Zajonc, the findings on family size, paired with Zajonc's and others' results showing that those at the top of the birth order have the highest scores, suggest that the optimal situation seems to be a two-child family with a spacing of more than two years between children.
The suggested retail price for Applegate Naturals Family Size Chicken Nuggets (16 oz.
We cannot find out from this book what family size was in 1920, or 1950.
Data includes full demographic profile, sub-ethnic group data, and also data on sex, age groups, income, internet usage, areas of concentration, household and family size for all mass media, as well as data on reach of the mass media (number of people and market share), the audience structure of all Russian-language mass media (age, income, sex), listening patterns of the audience (time patters), and the comparative popularity of the media.
Free meals or milk, 130 percent of poverty guidelines, organized by family size and income: one, $0 to $14,157; two, $0 to $19,123; three, $0 to $24,089; four, $0 to $29,055; five, $0 to $34,021; six, $0 to $38,987; seven, $0 to $43,953; eight, $0 to $48,919; for each additional family member, add $4,966.
Couples are educated about their potential for regulating family size.
Elites, on the other hand, apparently gave up entirely on sexual intercourse within marriage after reaching desired family size and left husbands to philander with local fallen women while taking advantage of women from the peasantry in their employ or otherwise dependent upon them.
The family must have a steady income of between $15,000 and $35,000, depending on family size.
Just in Time for Back-to-School, Hillshire Farm Performs a Makeover on Lunch with the Introduction of the Stylish Red Bag and Family Size Lunchmeat Tubs - An Entire Pound of Premium Quality Deli-Style Lunchmeat
It is unreasonable to expect a married couple to restrict family size using periodic abstinence.
Family size doesn't matter, writes this New York City psychologist.
There, the residents receive social counseling, and when they've bettered themselves, they move into 'permanent homeless' housing, which consists of two- or three-bedroom apartments, depending on family size.