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the child of your aunt or uncle

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Over a decade in development, KiN2's proprietary algorithms map family trees by searching family relationships (parents, siblings, spouses and children), rather than just searching individual names and dates like traditional genealogy websites.
non-users) in the domains of family relationships, religiosity, and personal characteristics.
Yu found that positive family relationships mediated the impact of addicted family members, violence victimization and negative school environment on illicit drug symptoms.
However, 3 participants wanted no new family relationships as adults.
One avenue that many families have chosen to improve their family functioning and strengthen their family relationships is family camps.
You've talked about its impoverishing effects and the challenges it brings to both work and family relationships.
It is modelled after a pilot in Winnipeg that will connect social workers with police agencies to take action before potentially volatile family relationships escalate into criminal acts and tragedy.
But alternatively, their pathetic lives--the dysfunctional and ultimately wrecked family relationships, the impossibility of forming a meaningful relationship with each other, and the resulting loneliness--are not the result of the inability to be honest with themselves and others but the fact that they are living disordered lives.
Society still struggles to cope with the priority that women, and increasingly men, want to place on family relationships alongside paid work.
Society still struggles to cope with the priority that women and increasingly men, want to place on family relationships alongside paid work.
While coaching his gifted daughter (Flora Cross) to a spelling bee victory, a theology professor (Richard Gere) allows his other family relationships to suffer in ``Bee Season.
Session topics: identification, motivation, discipline, stress management, depression, communication of feelings, peer and family relationships.
The level of detail in the book is reflected by an appendix listing more than 100 "valid pterosaur species" and eight "possibly valid species of uncertain relationships"--all organized according to family relationships.
This text examines state-of-the-art research and theories of family communication and family relationships.
Take care of the family relationships so the family can come together to make decisions.
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