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a corporation that is entirely owned by the members of a single family

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com, adding that it's a family owned enterprise with around thirty years of combined experience.
Founded in 1962 by Chairman Don Brady, the company remains a family owned enterprise, today employing nearly 300 associates.
Founded in 1923, as a family owned enterprise, Bonetti started as a leading Italian Distributor of cold rolled steel, representing the largest and most important steel mills in Germany, Sweden and France.
a continuation of supportive ownership following the passing of Dan Duncan, as most recently demonstrated by the purchase of EPD common units by the Duncan family owned Enterprise Products Company;
Patterson is related to his desire to join a family owned enterprise in Tennessee, and not connected to any disputes or disagreements with the Company's management or board of directors.
A family owned enterprise for four generations, the company received national acclaim for creating many innovative products in stretch rubber overshoes and protective clothing.