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the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member's given name)

References in classic literature ?
It is a family name," he remarked, "but I flattered myself that it was at least uncommon.
I give Pirrip as my father's family name, on the authority of his tombstone and my sister - Mrs.
The family name depends wery much upon you, Samivel, and I hope you'll do wot's right by it.
Nastasia Phillpovna's family name is Barashkoff--I know, you see-and she is a very well known lady, indeed, and comes of a good family, too.
All I know of you at present is, t hat your family name is Brown.
My metal and ornaments were also renewed in the style of a Zodangan gentleman, attached to the house of Ptor, which was the family name of my benefactors.
It was in vain that I asked her for her family name.
Little need to show that this detested family name had long been anathematised by Saint Antoine, and was wrought into the fatal register.
Of this work of imagination poor Tess and her parents were naturally in ignorance--much to their discomfiture; indeed, the very possibility of such annexations was unknown to them; who supposed that, though to be well-favoured might be the gift of fortune, a family name came by nature.
There are only about 250 Korean family names currently in use.
When the IDs of five of them were checked, it showed that they had Maute for family names,' Logan said.
Chinese culture has a long history of using family names to represent the origin of family or clan.
It may be of interest to other members to know that a risk assessment should be undertaken by their Local Health District if employees in any other department raise safety or security concerns regarding the display of family names on badges.
From recognizing when identical surnames are from different histories to recognizing when death certificates can be wrong, knowing how ancestors' middle names can differ from family names, and identifying problems in associating family names with nobility, this is a solid discussion of the common challenges of amateur genealogical research and will appeal to any embarking on the process.
Family Names and Their Story is a pick for any genealogical researcher looking at the history and evolution of family names, and deserves ongoing recommendation as a mainstay for such a collection.