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a court in some states in the United States that has jurisdiction over family disputes (especially those involving children)

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Successful unified family courts have four elements in common: (1) comprehensive jurisdiction; (2) efficient, modern administration designed to support the concept of "one family, one team"; (3) multidisciplinary training for all court personnel, from intake staff to judges; and (4) ability to ensure that family members receive the services they need.
Many cases cry out for the creation and enforcement of accountability standards in family courts.
THE new Family Court comes into force today as part of a major shake-up for the family justice system.
5:13-cv-267-oc-10-PRL) against Cleveland family court magistrate Lawrence Loeb, alleging hate-filled religious and other forms of discrimination and dishonesty.
A bill making its way through the legislature endorses the unified family court as the best way to handle cases that involve children and families.
Family courts now deal with nearly half a million cases every year in private.
The inspectors would select family court hearings to monitor, so as to circulate round the courts and judges.
Huddersfield deals with 11% of all West Yorkshire's family courts workload.
The Magistrates' County Payments and Enforcements centre, employing 100 people, has been moved into the new courthouse, joining the 124 people employed by the Civil and Family Courts.
The danger is that the daughter could be completely cut off from her father, but that is the way the family courts work.
Family courts, part of the Superior Court, are devoted to cases involving divorce, child custody, paternity and similar issues.
The Supreme Court will launch a study of child abuse cases handled at family courts across Japan in the last two years to help prevent child abuse, court officials said Wednesday.
The court applied the amended Juvenile Law requiring family courts in principle to send all juvenile murder suspects aged 16 and over to the public prosecutors.
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of IT Hardware/Software for the office of Delhi Family Courts
Resolutions of the NCJFCJ are how approximately 1,600 family court judges unite and speak out on important issues that face our children and families that come before all kinds of family courts across our nation," said Judge Darlene Byrne, NCJFCJ president.