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someone who practices a learned profession

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Clinical Case Studies for the Family Nurse Practitioner is a key resource for advanced practice nurses and graduate students seeking to test their skills in assessing, diagnosing, and managing cases in family and primary care.
Galen College of Nursing BSN Education Program in San Antonio; and Texas A&M University Commerce Family Nurse Practitioner Program in Commerce.
Veronica holds a DNP from the University of Maryland School of Nursing; an MS from Russell Sage College; a post-master's Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate from Binghamton University; and a BSN from Binghamton University.
Debra Blaker, a certified family nurse practitioner, has joined Pain Consultants of Oregon.
In 2012 I completed my Family Nurse Practitioner and Debra Scott was still the Executive Director.
Karen Kadas, ARNP, is a family nurse practitioner and transplant from east Tennessee.
A Family Nurse Practitioner 1974-99 then a family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner since then.
She is a Family Nurse Practitioner at the University of Texas Medical Branch which is an academic health center providing medical education in Texas.
When I decided to go back to school in 2001 and pursue my degree for a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), I thought I knew exactly what my role of a FNP would be on a daily basis.
Janeen Dahn Family Nurse Practitioner is perfectly appropriate.
The Correctional Health Unit staffing is comprised of an Administrative Director, Director of Nursing, a full-time Family Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Supervisor, Quality Assurance Nurse, ten full-time RNs, one Behavioral Health Specialist, twelve full-time LPNs, one part-time RN, and two administrative staff.
GNA member, family nurse practitioner and community health nurse Ann Connor is the recipient of the 2013 Georgia Nurses Association (GNA) Health Literacy Interest Group's "Hero" Award.
Carpenito, a family nurse practitioner and nursing consultant, offers students and nurses working in a variety of settings a quick reference to nursing diagnoses and care.
Edgecumbe Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of Mary Barrett, FNP-BC, MSN, to its medical staff as a family nurse practitioner.
If you have never met Angela Reeves, Family Nurse Practitioner, let me assure you that she would take you right back to that favorite teacher from your childhood that you haven't thought of in years.