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someone who practices a learned profession

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The literature describes collaborative efforts for dual preparation of nurse midwives and family nurse practitioners in New Mexico (1), a joint graduate nursing program in Florida aimed at increasing the diversity of the student body (2), a partnership between an educational program and managed care in New England (3), and a consortium of autonomous graduate nursing programs in northern New Jersey (4).
Paul's primary objective of providing holistic patient care motivated him to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.
She has served as a family nurse practitioner in Nashville for more than 30 years.
Maria has volunteered as a Family Nurse Practitioner on two medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic and then shared her experiences at District 18 and BSN/RN-BSN students.
Plush holds a bachelor's in nursing from California State University, Long Beach and a master's of science in nursing and family nurse practitioner certificate from Azusa Pacific University.
Joyce's preparation as a family nurse practitioner took place when there were few in that particular specialty.
Mary Hull earned her master's degree in nursing from Azusa Pacific University and specializes as a family nurse practitioner.
Tomas received his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska, and his Master of Science Degree with a Family Nurse Practitioner specialty from the University of Nevada, Reno.
The partners have recently recruited one new doctor, Holly Jo Hodges, from Central Oregon, and staffing of the new clinic will be covered by the existing medical and nursing staff, said Mitch Boriskin, a family nurse practitioner.
Stegbauer first joined the faculty of UTHSC in 1976 as one of the original faculty members of the College of Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner graduate program.
Family Nurse Practitioner FNP-BC * Adult Nurse Practitioner ANP-BC * Acute Care Nurse Practitioner ACNP-BC * Pediatric Nurse Practitioner PNP-BC * Gerontological Nurse Practitioner GNP-BC * Family Psych and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner PMHNP-BC (Family will be on the certificate and can be added if desired) * Adult Psych and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner PMHNP-BC (Adult will be on the certificate and can be added if desired)
We haven't seen the numbers we were fearing, but what we have seen has been more severe than usual,'' said Allison Engelman Friedman, a family nurse practitioner with the clinic.
The Nursing School also offers Doctorate in nursing practice degrees in family nurse practitioner, neonatal nurse practitioner, and in nurse midwifery programs all of which are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing.
Lynn is a family nurse practitioner who specializes in hospice and palliative care.
Beth is a qualified Family Nurse Practitioner and skillfully utilizes her APN privileges as well as her RN skills in her practice.