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a corporation that is entirely owned by the members of a single family

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A long-term perspective means that family businesses can exercise prudence during both upswings and downswings in the economy.
Judges of the Coutts Prize for Family Business awards are looking for the best performing medium and large family businesses within the region.
Speakers at DIFC Summit Urge Family Businesses Not to be Pessimistic
Other key findings in the survey shows that family businesses have a greater sales turnover per employee, despite being smaller.
In the short term, new family businesses also are sprouting up in response to job layoffs and the poor economy, Frishkoff says.
As a law firm with a 50 plus year history in New England of helping family businesses we are proud to continue our tradition.
Business continuity is the key for family businesses as research has shown that fewer than six per cent of all family businesses worldwide survive to the third generation, especially in regions such as the Middle East.
For the third year, the awards will celebrate the performance, successes, economic contribution and innovation of the region's family businesses and their leaders.
Total sales by Canada's family businesses could total more than $1.
Although much has been written about conflict in family businesses and the problems of perpetuating a business from one generation to the next, Congress continues to believe that close personal relationships between family members allow them to "collude" for tax savings in ways that unrelated parties cannot.
This year, the group will participate in a scavenger hunt, focusing on family businesses in the Rapid City area.
The research shows that family businesses are still operating under fairly insular structures with 60% of respondents still without a non-executive director and ownership closely retained by the families.
Marta Vago, a family business consultant and adviser to the Family Business Center at CSUN, the trend is cyclical and so closely tied to employment conditions that it probably won't have a long-term impact on succession patterns of family businesses.
CORK University has established two courses aimed specifically at people who manage family businesses.
Underscoring the importance of family businesses to the American economy, the Rutgers site further points out that "family businesses generate about half the gross national product and half of the total wages paid" and "represent about 90 percent of all U.