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the child of your aunt or uncle

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Look at its leaves and you will be reminded of a redwood, to which it has a familial relationship.
It was the world's first laboratory to be certified under ISO 17025 for genetic ancestry testing, and it holds multiple accreditations, such as the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) for parentage and familial relationship testing services, ASCLD (American Society of Laboratory Directors) for forensic DNA casework services, NYSDOH (New York State Department of Health) for parentage and identity testing services, and CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) for diagnostic testing services.
This new service can confirm the familial relationship of specific individuals to existing tribal members, in addition to determining their percentage of Native American-associated DNA.
It is composed in Latin and refers to her familial relationship with Henry some six times.
Sorenson Genomics was the world's first laboratory accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) for parentage and familial relationship testing services, and is certified by the Forensic Quality Service International (FQS-I) to ISO 17025 for all of its testing products and services.
We are already recognized as a leading global expert in human identity and familial relationship genetic testing; Tim and his team add an entirely new dimension to the company, which gives us the depth of expertise we need to successfully contract with businesses and government agencies on the local, national and international scale.
Given the political and familial relationship between Dubai and Abu Dhabi monarchies, our expectation is that these amounts will be repaid through a combination of partial rollover, partial repayment and repayment-in-kind," VTB's Middle East and Africa chief economist Raza Agha said in a note.
There is no familial relationship between the two victims.
relation that is metaphysically robust, namely, a familial relationship.
The leader of Syria, Bashar, did not understand this although we had told him that many times and we even developed a familial relationship," Erdoy-an said while delivering a speech at a meeting of religious leaders from Muslim countries and communities in Africa.
The plaintiff, engaged but unmarried to the decedent, advanced a bystander claim for NIED, asserting that he shared an intimate familial relationship.
It is conceivable if there was an extremely vulnerable adolescent practising (homosexuality) child, who may be placed in a certain familial relationship that was disapproving, that may not be a sensible placement.
30, 1989))--have found that an association must come from a "friendly acquaintance" relationship, such as a spousal or familial relationship, rather than a more casual acquaintance relationship.
Except in comedy, it is hard to believe that a character engaged in a deeply felt familial relationship would be so cerebral.
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