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the child of your aunt or uncle

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Familial relationship satisfaction comprised satisfaction with the participant's spouse/partner and child.
It is assumed that those with high levels of organization in their internal working model of attachment will have a more precise understanding of their familial relationships than will those who have low levels of organization.
Of course, relationships other than those of marriage, blood and adoption may be the emotional equivalent of a marital or familial relationship, but are they equally deserving of the legal protection given the family?
The daughter asserted rent-stabilized succession rights to the apartment by virtue of her familial relationship to the former tenant, coupled with the length of time that the daughter alleged that she had resided in the apartment prior to her father's demise.
The guidance distributed by the US State Department on Wednesday defined a close familial relationship as being a parent, spouse, child, adult son or daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or sibling.
Donor-Derived Cell-Free DNA, a Non-invasive Marker for Transplanted Organ Injury: Accurate and Precise Measurement without Prior Genotyping Regardless of Donor-Recipient Familial Relationship
It is this familial relationship of a small number of highly accomplished, talented and committed instrumentalists - as few as seven or perhaps as many as 35 depending on the requirements of the music - which makes chamber orchestral music so particularly involving and enjoyable for audience members too.
The age difference and familial relationship makes your stepbrother's motives very questionable.
I am delighted that Archbishop Finlay allowed his heart and his faith in the Lord to participate in this ceremony; it was out of a "long journey of love, friendship, support and familial relationship with this particular person and her partner" that Archbishop Finlay said he "came to the conclusion that their love for one another was part of God's divine love and it was appropriate that that be deeply blessed.
To what extent is the familial relationship affected?
But to discover a familial relationship and go, `So what?
Each bid shall be accompanied by a sworn and notarized statement disclosing any familial relationship that exists between the bidder or any employee of the bidder and any member of the Owner s School Board or the Superintendent of Schools.
I am sad because it was a very familial relationship and, next year, I will begin with Jose Altur along with my same team," said Ferrer, whose relationship with Piles has seen its share of ups and downs.
Officials said one of the two younger men was the one in need of rescue, and did not know the men's familial relationship.
Thus, the viewer is led to believe that this seemingly familial relationship cannot be exploitative.
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