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a spiritual movement that began in China in the latter half of the 20th century and is based on Buddhist and Taoist teachings and practices

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Protestor Tilly Nesbitt said: "The last Chinese leader banned Falungong in 1999.
53) The government's fear of these subjects has been greatly heightened by its experience over the last several years with the Falungong movement.
It ended without incident, but in July the outcome was a national crackdown on Falungong and then restrictions on all qigong organisations and practices that ended support within the Party.
Other sensitive subjects which triggered the key word monitor included Taiwan independence and messages related to the banned Falungong spiritual group.
The two reports indicated that Beijing will maintain its policy of ''striking hard'' against Xinjiang separatists and Falungong adherents in the face of criticism by the U.
Members of the Falungong spiritual sect, which has been banned in Beijing for a decade, meditate and show video footage of alleged abuse by Chinese authorities at numerous spots in the city.
10) In another arena, despite its renowned openness and high tolerance towards all religions and worship, the Thai Government also once blocked the entry of the Dalai Lama and expelled members of the Falungong.
5th The Malaysian Government bans the distribution of the Chinese-language Epoch Times (Da Jiyuan), a newspaper supporting the Falungong spiritual movement.
Chinese officials have said other alleged threats to the games are from separatist forces seeking Tibetan independence, the banned Falungong spiritual group and overseas pro-democracy forces.