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a dissolute character in Shakespeare's plays

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Tony Award-winning director Daniel Sullivan ( The Heidi Chronicles ) condensed Henry IV Parts 1 and 2 to create a production that features Falstaff in all his villainous, comic glory, organisers said.
I situate my discussion of Falstaff s page within the framework of Robin Headlam Wells's socio-historical understanding of masculine honor as a political issue, where "conflicting political positions signaled by such coded phrases as 'courage-masculine' and 'manly virtue' " define what it means to be an ideal early modern man (6).
Maestro Rizzi said: "Any production of Falstaff is an ambitious undertaking and a high point for every opera company in the world as it requires perfection on so many different levels.
Andrew Vincent is a delight as the simmeringly jealous Frank Ford, particularly in his scenes with Rutter's Falstaff while in the guise of the mysterious "Mr Brook".
Although one of the region's most experienced actors with an OBE for services to drama, Barrie has never played the role of Falstaff before.
There's no denying royalty and Nicholas Rowe, in his Life of Shakespeare (1709), reports that the Queen "was so well pleased with that admirable character of Falstaff in the two parts of Henry IV that she commanded him to continue it for one play more, and to show him in love".
Sir Antony played Falstaff in Gregory Doran's revival of Henry IV: Part I and II at Stratford and London's Barbican up until January this year with Alex Hassell as Prince Hal and Jasper Britton as an anguished Henry.
It concerns Mistress Quickly, who runs a tavern of ill repute, and Pistol, a swaggering but cowardly soldier who is banned from the joint but turns up anyway and gets into a fight with Falstaff before being labelled "the foul-mouth'dst rogue in England".
Antony Sher as Sir John Falstaff is majestic in his role as the bumbling yet brutal tavern lord.
One may quibble here and there with Cobb's casting choices, but he's the star of the show, portraying Sir John Falstaff with delightfully leering licentiousness.
IN this stunning production of the second part of the Henry plays, broadcast live from Stratfordupon-Avon by the RSC, the stage fills with ghosts and grandeur, Sir John Falstaff topples into the dust as his sway over the young Prince Hal ceases to have any credibility, and the dying king Henry IV is prey to an over-burdened conscience, as he remembers how he got to the throne by murdering Richard II.
Opera Hamilton got into the spirit of the Verdi anniversary with a new production of Falstaff For this, Troy Hourie devised a simple but clever abstaract unit set that managed quite handily to summon the various indoor and outdoor locations and overcome the constraints of the Dofasco Centre for the Arts performing space.
gt;6 Falstaff - Met Opera JAMES Levine conducts the first new Met Falstaff since 1964.
La inauguracion del Festival Cultural Sinaloa 2013 se llevo a cabo con la presentacion de la ultima opera de Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), Falstaff (1893), una comedia estrenada cuando el compositor estaba a meses de cumplir ochenta anos y todo mundo pensaba que su pluma se habia agotado con sus dos monumentales operas anteriores, Aida (1871) y Otello (1887).
And at Shakespeare Theatre Company this coming March, Keach will play Falstaff in Henry IV, a role he last tackled in Central Park in 1968.