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a dissolute character in Shakespeare's plays

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This argument, intimated by Falstaff to Prince Hal, provokes Falstaff's banishment.
Our Falstaff, sent off at just over 3-1, was ridden by the Hong Kong-based South African Robbie Fradd, who flew in for the ride, and trained by his countryman Patrick Shaw, who lies third in the Singapore trainers' table.
With this aim in mind, Monette's Falstaff is to be essentially comic, an alternative father-figure for Hal, but not a spokesman against war or honor in a satire on the political hypocrisy and the lying readily seen in Henry IV and the conspirators opposing him.
Built in 1936, the Falstaff plant was a New Orleans landmark that served up more than beer.
In a non-developmental reading of Hal, Shannon claims that, insisting on the isolation and self-governance of kings, he feigns but ultimately rejects friendship with Falstaff.
On May 12, he will add "opera star" to the list, as he makes an appearance in Michigan Opera Theatre's production of Giuseppe Verdi's Falstaff.
The contemporary reviews and commentaries related to the opera by writers who were present at some of its first performances include: "How Giuseppe Verdi Writes and Rehearses," by Giulio Ricordi; "Memoirs of Verdi and Falstaff in Rome," by Eduard Hanslick; a review of the first French performance (18 April 1894, Opera-Comique) excerpted from Revue des deux mondes (1 May 1894) and an essay entitled "The Lessons of Falstaff," both by Camille Bellaigue; and a review of Falstaff as performed at the Royal Opera, Covent Garden, London, on 19 May 1894, by George Bernard Shaw.
Nowhere is this fact more evident than in the recorded circumstances of Shakespeare's change of the Henriad's Sir John Oldcastle's name to Sir John Falstaff.
Purportedly, Shakespeare resurrected Falstaff (his future at the end of Henry IV, Part II had rather been left hanging in the balance before the royal decree) and immediately wrote Merry Wives -- in a mere 14 days.
LEADING RSC actor Antony Sher will give an up-close and intimate insight into Shakespeare's Falstaff at the launch of Year of the Fat Knight: The Falstaff Diaries on Monday, April 27.
The production of Giuseppe Verdi's three-act comic opera starred current and recent students from the Teatro Alla Scala Academy of Lyric Opera who brought the tale of the "fat knight" Falstaff and the women who outwit him to life in an energetic and entertaining performance.
It concerns Mistress Quickly, who runs a tavern of ill repute, and Pistol, a swaggering but cowardly soldier who is banned from the joint but turns up anyway and gets into a fight with Falstaff before being labelled "the foul-mouth'dst rogue in England".
Antony Sher as Sir John Falstaff is majestic in his role as the bumbling yet brutal tavern lord.
Emergency services were called to the scene at The Falstaff, on Gateacre Park Drive, in Gateacre, at around 7.
One may quibble here and there with Cobb's casting choices, but he's the star of the show, portraying Sir John Falstaff with delightfully leering licentiousness.