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The phrase "temporary works," in turn, means "all scaffolding (including scaffolding erection costs), formwork, falsework, shoring, fences, and temporary buildings or structures, including office and job site trailers, all incidental to the project, the value of which has been included in the estimated TOTAL PROJECT VALUE* of the INSURED PROJECT* declared by the Named Insured.
When, over time, the architectural piece becomes self-sustaining, the falsework is then removed, leaving the permanent structure.
Incremental launching construction technique is characterised by using less temporary falsework and other expedients that are required during the construction as in the case of cast-in-situ on false-work technique [12].
Coverage can be extended to include the forms, scaffolding, falsework, and temporary structures used in the construction.
CONTRASTS: Robert H Crutchley's girder-like Falsework (top); Maria Gaete Gwynne's metal grilles, Lost Cultures, Lost Identities (centre); and Juan Castillo's 'tea-bag and Beckham' display, In Order (bottom)
A hydraulic jacking system at the top of the falsework towers was used to fit the last arch section in place.
guardrails, signs, bridges, culverts, fencing, sound barriers, storage, form- and falsework, and retaining walls).
And, after a bridge collapse, the office issued recommendations that were implemented by AASHTO to change falsework design and construction requirements nationwide.
Harsco designs, manufacture and supplies products ranging from simple shoring accessories to sophisticated Formwork and Falsework systems designed to provide the high productivity solutions demanded by today's international construction projects.
3, the falsework supports were fairly straightforward, but Harsco Infrastructure had to design three steel MkII Soldier gantries, as this bridge had to span water and gas pipelines.
RMD Kwikform Ltd, in Aldridge, is a leading supplier of formwork and falsework to the construction industry.
Temple Speech Room, Rugby School, Hillmorton Road, Rugby: remove lowest tiers at north end, reinstate parquet floor to match original, modify falsework to south end of retained tiers to accommodate bleacher seating;
But because of Atkinson-Kiewit's experience with building cast-in-place bridges over active roadways in the West, the contractor proposed a value engineered change to build the north back span on falsework, similar to what B/PB had proposed in the preliminary design stage.
Analysis and design of post-tensioned and cast-in-place reinforced concrete box girder and slab bridges constructed on falsework
a falsework temporary junction between the proposed network and the network to drop