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Synonyms for diorama

a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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And Burns, Celtic's youth development boss, believes the speed young players have been fast-tracked into the national side has given them a false perspective on club football.
There is a flatness in these figures that's matched by a disregard for false perspective - sometimes the artist cedes a single black line to signify dimension - which gives her work an oriental or pre-Renaissance effect.
It widens as it approaches the Fresco hall, creating a false perspective and drawing you down its length.
The implied hall (there is no partition between it and the living area) is defined by the Douglas fir columns of the frame and the wooden planks of the floor, and it tapers towards the inner end, both drawing you forward into the house and making it seem longer by false perspective.
To hide from his own shadow, and rush, head lowered, into the snare of false perspectives, into the fearful trap of multiplying false doors set in a confusing succession of streets.
The layering of light, color, spaces, shapes, movement, and false perspectives makes you look at walls and ceiling in a new way.