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And in June 2000, art historian Philip Shaw, 49, from North London, was cleared of sexual assault after a jury heard his alleged victim suffered from False Memory Syndrome.
And Madeline Greenhalgh, director of the British False Memory Society, believes the number who do come forward is just the tip of the iceberg.
The practice has been discredited by many experts and groups, including the British False Memory Society which says more than 2,000 families have been hit by unfounded child abuse accusations.
These core chapters are supplemented with additional chapters on higher-order structures in long-term memory, memory for images, implicit memory, traumatic and false memory, disorders of memory, and neuroscience and memory.
A "significant minority" believed the false memory and, as a result, avoided egg salad sandwiches when they were offered them.
Interestingly, the amnesic animals explored the new object less than the normal animals did, indicating false memory for the new object.
Another is that four independent complainants are suffering from the rare phenomenon of false memory of sexual assault.
Falling into this camp of the memory suspicious is an organization called The False Memory Syndrome Foundation in Philadelphia.
Holmes sits on the board of directors of the False Memory Syndrome (FMS) Foundation, a private organization founded in 1992 to provide information and support to members of more than 2,400 families who contend that they have been falsely accused of sexual abuse.
to have contacted Pamela Freyd at the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (215-387-1865).
Yapko believes one cause of false memory is that "turning people into victims has become nothing short of a growth industry in this country.
Specifically, if the position is accepted that repression of memory never happens, then any memory which emerges after a period of alleged repression can be claimed to be a false memory.
We would never have played this badly under Tel," the False Memory victims were saying at half time.
Myriam, who speaks English, French, Dutch and Moroccan, is currently appearing in the new Deborah Levy play Macbeth False Memory which comes to Warwick Arts Centre next Wednesday for a two-night run.
The phenomenon of false memory has recently hit the headlines because of its possible involvement in regression to past lives, abduction by aliens, and, most controversially, adults "recovering" memories of childhood sexual abuse.