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Swift may have more success with a false light claim, according to Chew.
The three-count suit claims defamation and false light and seeks $300,000 in damages.
According to court papers, the fashion photographer has accused the owners of the 103-floor skyscraper of casting him "in a false light as a person who has violated terms of a license, created a public disturbance, and has violated the law".
One of his complaints was that programme makers manipulated footage to show him in a false light.
Those heroes preferred "light," contrasting it with ningning, or "glitter," which is false light.
Other chapters cover federal preemption of state law, authors' moral rights, unfair competition, the protection of ideas by express or implied contract, defamation, public disclosure of private facts, right of privacy and false light, and right of publicity.
The district court denied part of McAfee's anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) motion to dismiss the malicious prosecution claim because of conflicting evidence regarding what information McAfee turned over to the government, but granted its motion to strike Roberts' defamation and false light claims as time-barred.
23) At the heart of the disagreement over the Stolen Valor Act is a question of framing: Does the First Amendment presumptively protect all speech without regard to truth or falsity, with exceptions for certain types of false speech such as defamation, false light, and fraud?
For McLuhan is in fact setting up a dichotomy between the false light and the true light.
False light invasion of privacy involves disclosure of a person's private information to others who have no fight or legitimate information in the content, and which places the individual in a false light before the public.
He called false media reports about it "a 24-hour noise box committed to presenting the president in a false light.
In its court documents, the credit union contended that publishing the liquidation order "is defamatory, casts KAPFCU in a false light, has caused an erosion of public confidence.
8) Second, publicly publishing a matter concerning another individual in a false light implicates invasion of privacy tort liability.
Mzamane sued for defamation, false light and infliction of emotional distress.