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When the philosophical jargon is stripped away from the allegedly "more nuanced" views, it is not clear at all to me that Beversluis has made his charge of false dilemma stick rather than just muddying the water.
Accompanying the recurring false dilemma are occasional non sequiturs, such as the apparent reasoning that (a) if someone has an education in primarily technical areas, then (b) he or she is less equipped to deal with matters of strategy and doctrine than someone with a nontechnical education.
Also, in my opinion, Speckhardt has fallen into the trap of something called "the false dilemma.
When I taught argumentation, one of the fallacies I used to point out was the false dilemma, which you have expanded upon by employing a false quadralemma.
In short, the choice between medical progress and moral principle is a false dilemma.
Caught between the horns of this false dilemma, many Christians flee the historical part of their faith to take refuge in some kind of abstract deism.
Additionally, to claim that the preimplantation embryo is "an organism, or it is a heap" (761) is a false dilemma.
Felt points out that determinists tend to present a false dilemma of choices/events either being rigidly determined or else utterly random.
EV-DO frees operators from the false dilemma of charging data users for the equivalent voice resources consumed.