ignoratio elenchi

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the logical fallacy of supposing that an argument proving an irrelevant point has proved the point at issue

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But fetal monitoring leads to the false conclusion that it is safe to allow a patient to be complete for up to 3 hours.
Given the AFT reaction to what is a false conclusion, we can only assume that where, such a finding of failure is true, they will agree with us that the child needs a better choice.
A decent performance in the first-half against Celtic yesterday merely drew us to the false conclusion that coherence had arrived within his squad.
Using measurements from one leaf from the top of a plant to characterize the entire plant canopy could lead to a false conclusion.
The results of the paranormal questionnaire are in danger of leading some to a false conclusion.
The pace of growth in Australia's private sector consumption will probably exceed the level of most other developed nations in 2002, but that could lead to the false conclusion that the long-term panorama is very bright.
An inadequate supply of African-made value-added products has led many African consumers to the false conclusion that non-African products are simply better.
If war crimes trials are to be based on these investigations they will conclude there is not enough evidence, which I think would be a false conclusion.
The above remedy is without prejudice to Ryanair s vehement objection to the CC s manifestly false conclusion that Ryanair has influence over Aer Lingus commercial strategy and/or that Ryanair s 6A' year old minority shareholding in Aer Lingus has resulted in a lessening of competition.
They now claim more explanation in the message would have prevented them from drawing the false conclusion.
A valid argument, as we have seen, may have a false conclusion.
Sir, - The letter from Collis Gretton of the European Movement shows how easy it is to come to a false conclusion based on valid data.
However, if drops are launched from too wide a range of angles, the method won't work and the data points won't line up, preventing investigators from making a false conclusion.
Most new cars are designed to run on alcohol blend (check your owner's manual), and I suspect that in the case of Titmus' 2007 model car, his fuel system was fouled prematurely somehow, leading to the false conclusion that it was caused by alcohol blended fuel.
The SEC, in its zeal to prosecute a respected executive and philanthropist, has jumped to a false conclusion that Pete's relationship with Mr.