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The use of PCA improved the visibility of features when compared with true and false colour composites.
Original colour filter array to control moire and false colour without an optical low pass filter 4x intelligent digital zoom (16X combined with optical zoom) 3" 920KA[degrees]dot premium LCD with 85Avertical and horizontal viewing angle In camera RAW converter BuiltA[degrees]in Super Intelligent Flash Full HD Movie
He can't be named but got himself smuggled here in 2003, claimed asylum under false colours, was told to return to Africa.
But I felt like a cheat and decided I would never march under false colours again.
3 megapixel APSA[degrees]C size XA[degrees]Trans CMOS II sensor with original colour array to control moire and false colours without an optiA[degrees] cal low path filter.
Its unique colour filter array can effectively minimise moire and false colours without the need for an optical low pass filter.