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a horizontal structure that partitions a ship or box (especially one built close to the actual bottom)

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A drawing, complete with sausages, mash and peas, demonstrates how explosives and a timer would be concealed in a workman's mess tin under a false bottom.
Apparently Penelope Cruz was asked to wear a false bottom for her latest film.
Boss said the soda can had a false bottom and inside there was 32 grams of cocaine.
Minimal under-plate volume means less foundation water and dilution, The planar bottom is absolutely level, with a minimum of one wort outlet for each square meter of false bottom area, and a centralized wort collector, and full-cone sparge nozzles, for either continuous or batch sparging, ensure an even distribution of sparge water.
Wiseman pled guilty after being caught with the drugs under a false bottom in his suitcase.
Coppa allegedly concealed the pills, wrapped in a plastic bag, in a false bottom of a sports bag but customs officers became suspicious after noticing the bag was unusually heavy.
Kjell-Eddy Svensson arrived at Kansai International Airport near Osaka on a flight from Singapore on July 6 with the drugs concealed in an attache case with a false bottom, according to the prosecutors.
We put a false bottom in the cart so that we could put our bombs in the bottom of the cart and they would be undetected even if the cart were inspected.
The regulation bag would contain the permitted supplies, but often a false bottom was fitted, allowing the midwife to carry more traditional remedies, including herbal preparations for easing pain or facilitating labour.
El Al security became suspicious about the weight of her bag and discovered the false bottom.
And there are even shops, little more than a hole in the wall, which sell suitcases made to order with the drug already sewn into a false bottom.
The Smart Safe, which retails for $5,895, has a top drawer with a false bottom.
Organization is made easy with the false bottom with a rear zipper for out-of-the-way storage for cables, AC adapters and other camera equipment, while the zippered front pocket offers compartments for smaller accessories such as flash memory, batteries and a mobile phone.
The lower half of the men can be seen hidden in the truck's false bottom CHECKS UK Border Agency officers at North Shields Ferry Terminal ROUTE The Albanians made their way on a lorry from Bucharest