false impression

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a failure to understand correctly

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He adds that following the great election battles, these two fought secret and exhausting peace talks that had to be secret and exhausting so as not create a false impression in the public that the contest was rigged.
It is outrageous that a machine carrying one person should be allowed to cause such an avoidable din - often under the false impression that noise means power.
WCB (SCOTLAND) LTD AND IAN MCLEOD In an article on 24 February 2013, we conveyed that Ian McLeod and WCB (Scotland) Ltd had created, or allowed to be created, a false impression that some proceeds from tickets sales for Henrik Larsson dinner events would go to charity.
Fianna Fail's Michael McGrath said: "suggestion taxpayers were lured into out Anglo under a false impression is disturbing and must be fully investigated.
MULTAN -- The Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association has strongly condemned a false impression that minorities suffer mistreatment and termed it a conspiracy against the country.
He stated it is the legal obligation of all the institutions to pay respect to the courts and the judgments passed by them, adding that ISPR tried to give false impression that the judgments of the trial courts were not correct.
Washington, Dec 19 (ANI): Justin Bieber has never believed in Santa Claus, courtesy, his mom, who chose to be honest with his son and shattered the false impression of the man in big red suit early on his life.
By accessing Ms Dowler's voicemail any would be hackers would have given the false impression that Ms Dowler herself had cleared her voicemail and that she was therefore alive.
In 1986 then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger skipped the interreligious gathering, criticizing it for its shared prayer and for giving the false impression that all religions believed in the same God.
Many under the outdated false impression that they are supporting a party which stands up for the ordinary worker and that has some Christian morality and decency.
He is charged with supplying a children's top and skirt which gave a false impression of its fibre content.
It would seem quite a few contributors are under a false impression that the average person was paid a huge wage for their daily grind when nothing could be further from the truth.
This person should look at the wider picture before giving a completely false impression of how some older people live.
I can't believe he would seek to give a false impression so I am wondering if he has forgotten to mail the letters.
We're very happy to see you cover this important issue but are afraid that the responses you published to the related poll left the false impression that LGBT people find it nearly impossible to win asylum in the United States.