false impression

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a failure to understand correctly

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I beg of you not to receive false impressions of us from Mr.
Qualcomm (QCOM) responded to Broadcom's (AVGO) misleading comments regarding Qualcomm's engagement with Broadcom in connection with its proposal to acquire Qualcomm: "The latest statement issued by Broadcom is disingenuous and clearly intended to create a false impression about Qualcomm's level of engagement.
He further said that he had requested the chief justice to take notice of this rising trend and added that a false impression was being given through such claims.
The premium rate 0844 numbers advertised are designed to rack up a heavy bill for the caller while giving a false impression that they are affiliated with the charity.
Pressure selling, where websites can create a false impression of the number of rooms available or try to rush a decision.
He said that some quarters are creating false impression to gain ulterior motive.
The continued use of the figure of PS10 billion for the additional health spending up to 2020-21 is not only incorrect but risks giving a false impression that the NHS is awash with cash" Sarah Wollaston, the Conservative chairwoman of the Commons Health Committee, in a letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond "I say: 'Put your money where your mouth is - if you think you're better than me, let's have dance-off"' Ed Balls has a message for his Strictly critic Sir Alan Sugar "Fame stunts your growth.
They can be very deceptive, giving the false impression that because the surface looks very dry and crispy it's okay to step on.
Tory peer Lord Ashcroft disclosed that flawed data in polls he commissioned had given a false impression of voters' opinions in three key seats last November, including Mr Clegg's Sheffield Hallam stronghold.
Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox has pushed back, arguing that the media has created a false impression.
To mask that they were calling from Costa Rica, Ramer and his co-conspirators utilized VoIP phones that displayed a (202) area code, giving victims the false impression the calls were coming from Washington, DC.
That does not mean, however, that one can be under the spell of a false impression and belief all the time.
He adds that following the great election battles, these two fought secret and exhausting peace talks that had to be secret and exhausting so as not create a false impression in the public that the contest was rigged.
WCB (SCOTLAND) LTD AND IAN MCLEOD In an article on 24 February 2013, we conveyed that Ian McLeod and WCB (Scotland) Ltd had created, or allowed to be created, a false impression that some proceeds from tickets sales for Henrik Larsson dinner events would go to charity.
Fianna Fail's Michael McGrath said: "suggestion taxpayers were lured into out Anglo under a false impression is disturbing and must be fully investigated.