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There is a perception that Gurdaspur terror incident was a false flag operation to cause a setback to the process initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif during their meeting in Ufa earlier this month.
retribution, would be motivated to stage false flag attacks to draw in U.
A false flag terrorist attack, similar to Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam and Pay of Pigs operation in Cuba among others, was perpetrated against the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
During the Cold War, two more chilling examples of so-called false flag operations have come to light.
This while the Fox Network's Joe Millionaire, a monosyllabic TV Samson, cuddles and spoons under the false flag of wealth.
Based on pioneering Configural Recognition(TM) object recognition and image analysis technology, the Optima 7210 OPT system delivers on the promise of machine vision, providing true non-contact testing with rapid programming, vast reductions in false flag rates, and the elimination of non-stop program maintenance required to resolve them.
She single-handedly broke up the Obama-Putin collaboration in Syria that avoided war over the false flag poison gas attack in August 2013.
India has been accused of false flag operations to implicate Pakistan.
I think it's a false flag," Paul said, referring to the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria.
First, this thing reeks of a false flag operation," Buchanan said in an interview with Newsmax.
False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and can be used in peace-time.
Islamabad, Sep 25 (ANI): A Washington-based investigative journalist- Wayne Madsen- has claimed that a CIA contractor firm- XE Services- formerly Blackwater, has been carrying out false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan.
In 1962 there was a staged false flag attack of a U.
I don't like people who hide behind the false flag.
A number of Western countries, including the US, France, and the UK, were quick to adopt the rhetoric of war against Syria despite the fact that Damascus has categorically rejected the baseless claim, and announced later that the chemical attack had actually been carried out by the militants themselves as a false flag operation.