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As a result, the researchers concluded that the features' 'fingerprint' is a very sophisticated false flag, intentionally placed inside the malware in order to give threat hunters the impression that they had found 'smoking gun' evidence, knocking them of the trail to more accurate attribution.
India is in a habit of implicating Pakistan over false flag operations planned and executed by her.
Military analysts believe that the failure of the terrorism-sponsoring states to ensure support for their tools in Eastern Ghouta pushed them to use the chemical attack false flag scenario which they have used several times before, but their allegations have been disclosed.
India was involved in false flag operations including Samjhota Express and Mumbai attacks, a fact that has been acknowledged by many even in India.
What are the dangers of False Flag operations in highly nuclearized zone, should Pakistan take India to ICJ for blaming her for an indigenous false flag operation conducted by RAW and western intelligence or ask for a UNSC resolution, does the international community cover false flag operations?
However, such false flag operations, among other things, were also intended to malign Pakistan.
John Altman's False Flag examines the costs of extremism, pitting two strong women against each other in a complex plot to wage global war.
However, the possibility of false flag operation by Indian RAW could not ruled out, as India is desperately trying to divert international community's attention from its violations on Line of Control and working boundary.
Opener Feelin OK has a mediocre pace and outlook suiting its title but its a false flag.
However, we need to keep in mind that false flag operations could possibly be carried out, with someone else posing as ISIS.
Mark Glenn, a virulently anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, wrote on his blog The Ugly Truth that "the massacre in Paris as (sic) yet another False Flag event aimed at re-igniting and re-invigorating Judeaas declared war against Islam.
I am sure that there are many readers of this magazine that are fully aware of the war racketeering, false flag events, and propaganda being pushed by certain powers throughout the world.
He added that Police department was fully aware of the elements involved in these false flag operations, adding he assured that the criminals would be behind the bar soon.
Both evidence and logic argue that chemical weapons were almost certainly a false flag attack.
A number of Western countries, including the US, France, and the UK, were quick to adopt the rhetoric of war against Syria despite the fact that Damascus has categorically rejected the baseless claim, and announced later that the chemical attack had actually been carried out by the militants themselves as a false flag operation.