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decreasing in amount or degree

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becoming lower or less in degree or value


coming down freely under the influence of gravity


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Falls from height are still the largest cause of deaths in the construction industry, accounting for half of all fatalities and more than a quarter of all major injuries.
For example, edge protection was used on site vehicles to prevent falls from height when working on the back of delivery vans.
They included a prohibition notice relating to falls from height, stopping work taking place until improvements had been made.
In 2008/09 in Wales there were 880 major injuries and 1,640 incidents that led to employees having to take three days or more off work as a result of slips, trips and falls from height.
All work above the ground floor was halted on another site in 2004 "until suitable precautions against falls from height have been taken".
The LiftPod is designed to replace the ladder and can help facility managers avoid potentially deadly falls from height while on the job," said Chris Mellott, JLG Industries vice president sales and market development, the Americas.
Contract to supply PPE to protect against falls from height.
HSE Inspector Phil Nicolle said falls from height are one of the major causes of death and serious injury in the construction industry.
Workers were also put at risk of falls from height with no safety equipment provided, it was said.
In 2008/09 in the North East, there were 714 major injuries and 1,404 incidents that led to employees having to take three days or more off work as a result of slips, trips and falls from height.
Falls from height are the biggest single cause of workplace deaths in the UK.
Such failures are unacceptable, especially as HSE has published a wealth of advice and guidance for employers to help them reduce the risk of falls from height," she said.
The most common causes for deaths were falls, collapses or breakages of material, with 16 fatalities, while 10 people died from falls from height.
UK-wide falls from height remain the biggest cause of fatal injuries in 2006-07 with 45 deaths, followed by being struck by a moving or falling object (40 deaths) and being struck by a moving vehicles (30 deaths).
The delivery services are divided into the following lots Lot 1: establishment of a framework agreement on personal protective equipment against falls from height, rescue equipment and course equipment for work at heights and depths.