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a shelter to protect occupants from the fallout from an atomic bomb

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Fears of nuclear destruction have their roots in the Cold War, when governments and residents built bomb and fallout shelters to protect occupants from radioactive debris.
3) Moreover, the allegation, even if it were true, is irrelevant to the issue of fallout shelters for citizens downwind from the blast zone.
Two of the country's two main motorways, the east-west A1 and north-south A2, were blocked by heavy snow, causing lengthy tailbacks and forcing some 130 motorists to shelter for the night in nearby nuclear fallout shelters.
Such speculation has led to what the press has called "hysteria" in private stockpiling of antiviral drugs; this panic has even been compared to the widespread fear of an atomic bomb attack that gripped the United States in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when many citizens built and stocked underground fallout shelters.
After devoting the first half of the book to his childhood (cross-dressing curiosities, fallout shelters, an abandoned diary), he abruptly shifts away from the suburban image of brothers trying to assemble a model of the Visible Man soon after their father's death, and fast-forwards to forays abroad in the cities of Morocco and Europe years later in "Some Threads Through the Medina.
But Kirk's book does not read as a dated document from the era of fallout shelters and "Father Knows Best.
Six fallout shelters - in Arbroath, West Dunbartonshire, Inverness-shire, Peebles, Banff and Berwickshire - will hit the market next month and there is already plenty of interest.
Ranging well beyond fallout shelters, Rose discusses nuclear themes in popular culture, the evolution of U.
A close second was his nationally televised 1961 speech in which he bluntly threatened to go to war with the Soviets over Berlin, putting long-range bombers on 15 minutes' alert and warning Americans to start building fallout shelters.
6, January 2002), I should point out that, in the late 1950s, a huge amount of money was spent to stock fallout shelters in American cities.
AMERICANS NEVER ACTUALLY had to live in fallout shelters, but shelters wound up living in us: Forty years after nuke-fearing suburbanites set about digging up their backyards, the underground sanctuary survives as a supreme example of mid-century kitsch, the civil-defense version of the malt shop.
Much the same applied to the next public debate, which had to do with nuclear fallout shelters.
Former students of mine, many of whom are now pastoring, tell of spending nights in basement fallout shelters (again), of fears that young men will be hit with conscription (again), of regrets that the diplomats and foreign missionaries have abandoned the scene (again).
For those who do not evacuate, public civil defense or fallout shelters would be available.
Over the last year extensive renovations have turned what once used to be one of the largest private Nuclear Fallout shelters in the country into one of the most secure data centers ever offered to the private sector.