Fallot's tetralogy

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CHD children with congenital rubella infection may have open arterial duct, transposition of great vessels, common arterial trunk, atresia or malformations of atrioventricular and semilunar valve, open atrioventricular canal, Fallot's tetralogy (5-10% of all CHD), IVSD (5%), stenosis of pulmonary artery (Babajanov et al.
Peter suffered with fallot's tetralogy, a condition which meant he had a combination of congenital cardiac defects.
Mum Pamela and dad Kevin, both 38, of Aberdeen, have been fundraising for Yorkhill Children's Hospital, Glasgow, where Ross was treated for Fallot's tetralogy.
The fetuses had a variety of cardiac malformations, including: Fallot's tetralogy (nine cases); transposition of the great vessels (three); ventricle septum defect with or without associated cardiac malformations (nine); rhabdomyoma (three); aortic stenosis at the isthmus (three); arteriovenous canal (three); car-diomegaly (unilateral or bilateral) (three); or other pathologies such as an aneurysm, cardiac teratoma, missing inferior vena cava, and double-outlet right ventricle.
Donald McRae, a South African-born author now living in England, has described in Every Second Counts the pioneering work of Walt Lillihei, Owen Wangensteen, Norman Shumway, Richard 'Dick' Lower, Adrian Kantrowitz, Chris Barnard and others in operating on the human heart, and correcting congenital heart disease such as Fallot's tetralogy, Ebstein's anomaly, transposition of the great vessels of the heart, and cardiac valvular disorders.
She was given months to live after being born with the rare hole-in-the-heart condition Fallot's tetralogy.
He had undergone surgery on April 11, 1989, for a serious heart problem - Fallot's Tetralogy - involving four defects.