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Adenocarcinom der ekkrinen Schweissdrusen: klinische, histopathologische, histoenzymatische und ultrastrukturelle eines Falles.
31-2, Pearsall says that the elementary Latin texts read by young students 'included Aesop's Falles, the Distichs of Cato .
We haue bene besie all pis morne To clothe hym and to croune with thorne, As falles for a role kyng.
The prayer scene of Q1 stresses the blackness of the King's "adulterous fault" ("say thy sinnes were blacker then is ieat, / Yet may contrition make them as white as snowe") and his desire to be washed "cleere" ("O that this wet that falles vpon my face / Would wash the crime cleere from my conscience