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Spanish composer and pianist (1876-1946)

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Quarter-finals: Tinker 11 Dyson 21, Cairns 12 Fallas 21, Daykin 21 Radcliffe 17, Sigsworth 21 Wright 6.
operates under the names Fallas Stores, Fallas Paredes, Factory 2-U, CW Price and Conway Stores.
His sister Chelsea Fallas, 21, also spat in her face.
If a trip to Valencia is a bit of a stretch, then West Walian delicatessen Ultracomida in Narberth and Aberystwyth, specialising in all things Spanish, sourced straight from the producer, is throwing itself headlong into celebrating Las Fallas (pronounced las fayas), with 25% off the wines and beers reviewed below up until March 19.
Dinas emerged 4-2 winners thanks to goals from Fallas (2), David Parkes and Adam Munn.
Fallas dashed home, picked up the truncheon then rang police to tell them what he intended to do to his neighbour John Doyle, Llandudno Magistrates heard.
There are dozens of hotels and guest houses in every area of the city, many within walking distance of the Fallas celebrations.
Draw: Bryan Dyson (50) v Barry Tinker (16), Terry Brook (12) v Jack Dyson (3), Andy Cairns (4) v Thomas Graham (20), Liam Fallas (10) v Jim Baxter (50), Graham Tandy (25) v Ashley Daykin (6/4), Danny Radcliffe (20) v Geoff Price (33), Graham Sigsworth (10) v James Martin (7), Dennis Tattersley (33) v John D Wright (16).
Style meets function in the first and only-one-of-its-kind tablecloth made in the world, and the first in a long line of distinctive, easy-to-clean home accessories by Creative Director Carol Fallas.
This is Valencia during Las Fallas de San Jose, one of the world's largest, and loudest, festivals.
From the first whistle, Wenvoe took charge of the game and they scored with their very first attack thanks to a well-taken goal by Dimitri Fallas.
La administracion Nacional para la seguridad del Trafico en Carreteras estima que las fallas y explosiones en los neumaticos solamente, contribuyen en mas de cuatrocientas muertes y 10 mil heridos cada ano.
Colne Valley 6 North Yorkshire 2: R Mozley 21-9, J Greenhalgh 12-21, L Fallas 21-18, T Beeden 21-11, M Higgins 21-12, N Haigh 21-13, R Whitwam 19-21, C Gant 21-18.