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Another big fallacious argument is that "governments around the globe will resort to protectionism," a statement that is true but needs to be put in context.
Later in book 15 Ficino writes: "To confute the many fallacious arguments with which the Averroists obstinately strive to trap the Platonists, we must remember that it is not over and beyond nature for the human soul to be joined with the body; but that it is natural for this eternal soul to be joined to an eternal and heavenly body forever but only for a limited time to the temporal and earthly body" (15.
He and fellow councillor Owain Williams made several misleading and fallacious arguments on behalf of their new party.
Sex, marriage, education, the workplace, arts and sciences, and political engagement as symbolized by the vote are among the realms of human life in which these 45 documents demonstrate prejudice against women was not only practiced but also justified by transparently specious and fallacious arguments.
This is one of the fallacious arguments (supposedly on firm economic basis) that is given to create a consumer society.
The book also repeats one of the fallacious arguments about the cost of auctions--that auctions might adversely impact the development of the wireless sector because the cost of spectrum under an auction would be too high.
If the enemies of civil justice had celebrated the millennium with a generous dose of truth serum, there might have been some explanation for recent revelations concerning the health of corporate America, which, to satisfy its own insatiable profit-seeking appetite, continues to promote utterly fallacious arguments on an array of tort "reform" bills in Congress.
YOUR columnist Paul Dale cannot be allowed to get away with his fallacious arguments about the five-term year in an article clearly designed to rile teachers (January 14).