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Further, there is a third consideration - one that upsets the fallacious argument of the sophist Bryson, that there is no such thing as foul language, because in whatever words you put a given thing your meaning is the same.
The same fallacious argument of a "non-person' was used prior to the Civil War to deny blacks full citizenship.
I was shocked and dismayed to hear a skeptic use a logically fallacious argument such as slippery slope.
He next analyzes borderline cases and various combinations of fallacious argument.
The prevailing wisdom, put forth by the wealthy and their retainers, is that it is their money that fuels the economy - a fallacious argument.
His goal was to expose the fallacious arguments used to block reforms like the abolition of "rotten boroughs" -- electorates with so few electors that a powerful lord or landowner could effectively select the member of parliament, while newer cities such as Manchester remained unrepresented.
Similarly fallacious arguments have been made regarding the predilection of Roman Catholic clergy to sexual abuse children.
China's UN envoy Li Baodong responded that "the Japanese delegate once again brazenly distorted history, resorting to spurious fallacious arguments that defy all reason and logic to justify their aggression of Chinese territory.
It is the fighters of the Swiss economy who must be protected, since it is they who protect jobs in Switzerland and promote job creation, as opposed to profiteers who want to do business with a so-called Swissness label and who, relying largely on fallacious arguments, try to prevent the introduction of a more rigorous legal situation.
In this case, my detractors are using fallacious arguments, lies.
Sheikh defend his position, resorting sometimes to fallacious arguments like when he says that 2M represents and defends the Moroccan culture, what is most outraging, is to see some fellow Moroccans arguing that the Minister has no right to reduce the ubiquitous presence of French on Moroccan media.
The American public, having been tricked by their fallacious arguments and cynical propaganda into the Iraq War, does not want to hear from them.