Falkland Islands

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a group of over 100 islands in the southern Atlantic off the coast of Argentina

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A few years ago I spoke to a Cheshire man who had lived in the Falkland Isles for many years.
Everton's doughty defender, Bob Balmer, starred as Bo Peep, while the evening ended with three cheers for the Argentine national anthem; the Falkland Isles were still 73 years from being at the centre of an international incident.
Detailed artefacts, passenger tales and videos of the ship's amazing history from the world's first passenger liner to being rescued from the ocean bed off the Falkland Isles are gripping, but the piece de resistance is being able to wander the creaking boards of the renovated ship.
Britain went to war with Argentina over the Falkland Isles in April 1982, recapturing the territory within 74 days.
The commemorative event centred on a stage in the shape of the Falkland Isles which was surrounded by the veterans, many with medals pinned to their blazers and wearing their regiment's berets.
As for those dear inhabitants of the Falkland Isles for whom Thatcher risked Our Boys' lives.