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In 2002, I had the opportunity to explore the Serrania of Parupano, a mountainous formation located in the northeastern Venezuelan Lara-Falcon mountain system, near the border with Falcon State (at about 26 Km from Sierra Churuguara).
The laptops will be manufactured at two plants in the Paraguan Peninsula, Falcon state, with production scheduled to start within eight months.
CRP is in the Paraguana Peninsula in Falcon state (Amuay & Cardon) and the western coast of Lake Maracaibo in Zulia state (Bajo Grande).
The blast at the refinery in Falcon state in the country's north killed 41 and left over 80 injured.
Unfortunately, 24 people have died, the majority of them members of our National Guard," Vice President Elias Jaua told reporters in local Falcon state.
The explosion caused damages to the refinery and nearby houses, Reuters reported Falcon state Governor Stella Lugo as saying.
During the 2002/03 general strike, Luongo was one of the two engineers who remained at their work in the Paraguana Refining Centre, in Falcon state, among a group of over 80 who left their responsibilities in the area of process.
Right now, we're attending to the injured," Local Falcon state governor Stella Lugoshe told state TV.