Falco subbuteo

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small Old World falcon formerly trained and flown at small birds


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The name is from the neo-Latin scientific name Falco subbuteo, a bird of prey commonly known as the Eurasian hobby, after a trademark was not granted to call the game Hobby.
He wanted to call his finished game The Hobby but was denied a trademark under the name so he came up with Subbuteo based on the fact the latin name for the European Hobby Bird was Falco Subbuteo.
The game got its name from the Latin name for the Hobby Falcon, the Falco Subbuteo
As a keen birdwatcher he knew that the Latin name for the bird of that name was Falco Subbuteo hence the game was christened Subbuteo.
When that was rejected, Mr Adolph, who died in 1994 aged 77, simply took the bird's Latin name, which was Falco Subbuteo Subbuteo.