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curved like a sickle

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Trichobiusjoblingi, Aspidoptera falcata and Megistopoda proxima (Diptera: Streblidae) parasitic on Carollia perspicillata and Sturnira lilium (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) in Southestern Brazil: sex ratios, seasonality, host site preference, and effect of parasitism on the host.
falcata is a non-migratory and detritivorous benthopelagic fish, feeding on detritus and microorganisms associated with the substrate.
The five trees with largest diameter are Quercus macrocarpa (62[+ or -]16cm), Quercus falcata (56[+ or -]9cm) Quercus lyrata (52[+ or -]6cm), Populus deltoides (48[+ or -]5cm) and Platanus occidentalis (48[+ or -]6cm).
For study of parasites, specimens of Acestrorhynchus falcirostris (Acestrorhynchidae), Ageneiosus ucayalensis (Auchenipteridae), Geophagus proximus (Cichlidae), Hemiodus unimaculatus (Hemiodontidae), Serrasalmus gibbus (Serrasalmidae) and Psectrogaster falcata (Curimatidae) were collected in the Coaracy Nunes Reservoir (Fig.
The use of Euphorbia falcata extract as ecofriendly corrosion inhibitor of carbon steel in hydrochloric acid solution.
Based on these results, we carried out a preliminary study in French Guiana with two abundant cooccurring late-successional species, Eperua falcata and Dicorynia guianensis [8].
Ahora bien, lo que nos interesa en este momento no es el contenido concreto del mito narrado, sino el mitema representado: un guerrero con falcata, scutum y grebas se enfrenta a otro armado con lanza y scutum, y con una falcata al cinto, en tanto que un jinete lancero persigue a unos jabalies, y un nuevo infante con lanza y scutum hace frente a la carga de otro jinete lancero; un lobo observa la escena, mientras que hasta tres cadaveres, uno de ellos alanceado, yacen a los pies de los protagonistas.
Carex humilis 30, Festuca callieri 20, Filipendula vulgaris 10, Medicago falcata 10, Thymus cherlerioides 10, Teucrium chamaedrys 5, Trifolium ambiguum 5, Bromopsis taurica 3, Alopecurus vaginatus 3, Thymus roegneri 3, Hypericum linarioides 2, Allium rupestre 1, Alyssum repens subsp.
falcata, conocida en America Central y en America del Sur hasta Bolivia, y A.
minimus Sellnick, 1928** Chamobates cuspidatus 175 + 136 (Michael, 1884) Conchogneta willmanni -- (Dyrdowska, 1929) ** Eupelops acromios 50 + 58 (Hermann, 1804) Euzetes globulus (Nicolet, -- 1855) Fuscozetespseudosetosus -- Shaldybina, 1975 ** Galumna obvia (Berlese, 1914) 125 + 144 Heminothrus thori (Berlese, -- 1904) Hermanniella dolosa -- Grandjean, 1931 Hoplophthiracarus 675 + 456 iliinoisensis (Ewing, 1909) Hypochthonius rufulus Koch, 50 + 58 1835 Lauroppia falcata (Paoli, -- 1908) Malaconothrus monodactylus 525 + 321 (Michael, 1888) Medioppia hygrophila 1425 + 1459 (Mahunka, 1987) ** Metabelba sp.
54"E; the Fluvisols and scrubland facies altitude of the site is 31 on calcareous m above sea level) substrates (Festuco- Brometalia) with typical species Fragaria viridis Duchesne, Filipendula vulgaris Moench, Medicago falcata L.
Evaluation of the effect of three growth regulators in the germination of Comparettia falcata seeds under in vitro conditions.
History has found evidence of holy Iberian warriors defecating on their falcata (sword) which has led scholars to believe that this is a pre-combat ritual.