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curved like a sickle

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Toward using Margaritifera falcata as an indicator of base level nitrogen and carbon isotope ratios: insights from two California coast range rivers.
Roots of Oxytropis falcata (Leguminosae) Bunge; collected from Sunan County, Gansu Province, People's Republic of China.
It was Holmberg who first spotted the rare Anas falcata (its scientific name) Monday as it walked atop an icy canal at the retirement community.
polycarpa cultural Eucalyptus alba -- Eucalyptus jenseni tools Eucalyptus miniata cultural Eucalyptus tetrodonta tools/ cultural Melaleuca cajuputi tools Melaleuca leucadendra tools Melaleuca viridiflora tools Syzygium suborbicularis food tools Nyctaginaceae Boerliaavia diffusa (2 forms) food Nymphaeaceae Nyinphaea gigantea food Opiliaceae Opilia amentacea food Portulacaceae Portulaca bicolor -- Proteaceae Banksia dentata food cultural Grevillea heliosperma -- Grevillea pteridifolia -- Persoonia falcata food Rhamnaceae Ziziphus oenoplia -- Rhizophoraceae Rhizophora stylosa tools Rubiaceae Borreria geeingwa -- Guettarda speciosa tools (?
Night-Ops releases the Falcata series line of incandescent lights.
The warrior equipment interred with him (a spear point, a falcata type dagger, and a greave with embossed decoration) was accompanied by bronze vessels, buttons covered with gold and silver, and a gold bracelet with round terminals with decoration that has long been compared to Iberian goldwork (Louis et al.
falcata, known today simply as falcata, a plant that ranchers and others told him was thriving in the Northern Plains.
Neofinettia falcata `Brown Bear' is only a few inches tall but a division - a root section from the plant - will set you back pounds 50,000.
The European Christmas mistletoe takes up residence on any of more than 200 plant species, and a distant relative, Dendrophthoe falcata, infiltrates at least 343 host species.
The principal species of red oak are Quercus rubra and Quercus falcata, but Quercus velutina, known as black oak, and Quercus shumardii, known as Shumard oak, are among the related species.
OTC:PNCV) is pleased to announce that progress is being made in meeting its ultimate goal of the importation of 20 containers per month of falcata lath from the Philippines for use in the stabilization of lifts of lumber produced by British Columbia and Alberta, Canada lumber producers.